Lakehurst Borough Codes Being Upgraded

Photo by Micromedia Publications

  LAKEHURST – For most of the year, Borough Councilwoman Patricia Hodges has been working on the review and archiving the borough’s ordinances and that work is moving towards conclusion in the new year.

  During a recent council meeting, Hodges reported that the Ordinance Committee had been meeting and that it may be possible that the entire code book could be adopted “with some minor revisions.” The code is all of the rules and regulations of the borough.

  The Ordinance book now needs to go to Coded Systems, a codifying company, who draws up the final draft. It then will go to the council twice.

  The first meeting will have the mayor and council vote on its first reading, the following meeting will open it up to the public for comments. It may not be ready until February.


  Mayor Harry Robbins added if two readings would be required for the adoption to which Hodges said she was unsure. “We could do them as a group in two readings,” the mayor added.

  “We are trying to be consistent in the wording throughout,” Hodges said. “There are minor things throughout that need to be changed. In January we start all over again.”

  “You sound excited about that, the mayor said, laughing.

  Hodges said the Finance Committee would be meeting soon to go over details regarding next year’s municipal budget preparation.

  Councilman Gary Lowe reported that a bulkheading project at Horicon Lake was recently completed.

  Council President Steven Oglesby inquired about the status of cherry trees planned to be installed in certain areas to which Councilman Lowe responded it would occur next spring.

  Councilman Brian DiMeo reported the borough’s youth and recreation group had arranged to hold a decorating event where young people made environmentally safe ornaments that would be placed on the borough’s Christmas tree in time for the official tree lighting which was held on December 10. The ornament making event included snacks for the children and materials to make the ornaments.

  Santa Claus made the rounds throughout the community delivering presents on December 19. Parents are to drop off the wrapped gift, labeled, on Tuesday nights at the Fire Department between 6-8 p.m.

  A Toys 4 Tots program is also going on in the community for families in need, The governing body is asking the public to help and if you know of someone who is in need or would like to make a donation to the family in need, contact Detective Waltz at the Lakehurst Police Department, or for more details visit