Craft A Lasting Legacy

  MANCHESTER – Sometimes it takes an easy-going setting to get answers to hard questions.

  At Anderson & Campbell Funeral Home, there will be a “Cookies and Cocoa” event where expert Diana Daly will be on hand to help you craft a legacy. The event will be held at noon on December 2 at the home, located at 115 Lacey Road in Whiting.

  When celebrating a life, you want to make sure that every detail gets remembered.

  • How can I design a unique and memorable tribute?
  • How can I memorialize accomplishments and a life legacy?
  • What options can enhance a service or celebration of life?
  • How can I provide meaningful memories, closure and comfort to family and friends?
  • How can Pre-Arrangements benefit my family emotionally and financially?

  RSVP is required and can be done so by calling 732-350-5700.

Attendance will be limited and social distancing guidelines will be observed. Complimentary holiday pastries and beverages will be available.