Couple Thanks Police For Helping Them Recover After House Fire

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  MANCHESTER – A township couple who suffered the devastating loss of their home and several pets in a fire recently thanked Manchester Police for helping them recover afterward.

   The house fire was caused by a lightning strike which caused a devasting fire to the structure. Liz Casterlin and Mark Buglio of J&R Kennels presented a wooden flag out of gratitude for the help the couple received after the fire.

  Gift cards, food, clothing and other items were collected to help care for their surviving animals. The collection was coordinated with Manchester police and delivered to them a few days following the fire.

  During the July 1 fire, the couple lost two cats, birds and several reptiles. “The Manchester Township community quickly came together and donated household items, clothing, food, and other essentials to Liz and Mark,” police said in a post on Facebook.

  “Liz and Mark are still rebuilding their lives, but the future remains bright for these two and their animals,” a police statement added.

  The post added, “we wish them nothing but the best of luck and thank them for this wooden flag that is now proudly displayed in our police lobby.”