Six Flags Ride Stops In Midair, No Injuries

Six Flags Great Adventure (Photo by Micromedia)

JACKSON – Riders were screaming for all the wrong reasons Sunday night after a popular ride had them stuck 200 feet off the ground.

SkyScreamer, a ride at Six Flags Great Adventure, was reportedly stuck in the air for 15 minutes on that chilly Sunday night. Great Adventure officials said it wasn’t the temperatures, which were around freezing last night, but a sensor that detected an undisclosed error and started the ride’s emergency stop.

Photo courtesy Six Flags Great Adventure

SkyScreamer lifts guests in swinging chairs 24 stories into the air before dropping them toward the ground at 40 miles per hour.

Officials said no one was ever in danger of injury, and the ride was slowly lowered and arrived safely on the ground at 7:36 p.m.


Eyewitnesses reported that riders were heard screaming “get me out of here” and “I can’t feel my feet” as they exited the ride.

It’s not the first time SkyScreamer got stuck. It reportedly got stuck last June at its midpoint. The ride opened in 2012.