Police Investigate Bias Incident

Photo courtesy of copcruisers.org
Photo courtesy of copcruisers.org

  JACKSON – A teenager was charged with harassment and bias intimidation after running a couple of Jewish residents off the road over the weekend, police report.

  On Sept. 14, Jackson Police responded to a residence on Louisiana Parkway for reports of a bias incident. According to police, a vehicle swerved at two Jewish residents that were standing near the curb in front of the residence, forcing them to jump onto the curb to safety.

  “As the vehicle passed, the occupants of the vehicle were reported to have been yelling obscenities and insults in reference to their religion at the residents,” stated police.

  The vehicle passed the residence, turned around and came back to swerve at the two once more, continuing to yell obscenities and insults.

  Provided with the vehicle’s license plate, police identified the driver of the vehicle as a teenage male. The driver was charged with juvenile complaints charging him with harassment and bias intimidation. The matter will be forwarded to the Family Court.

  The investigation is ongoing.