One Jackson School Temporarily Goes Fully Remote

Switlik Elementary School (Photo by Micromedia)

  JACKSON – Switlik Elementary School parents were informed that the school will be fully remote on Thursday, November 19 and Friday, November 20.

  “We need more time to analyze two positive cases of coronavirus that were reported today,” the district stated on the evening of November 18.

  Only Switlik students will be remote, officials said. There was no change to any other district schools.

  By Friday afternoon, the district will inform parents if the remote status will extend into the following week.

  Citing privacy concerns, the district is not revealing the identities of those who are sick or whether they are students or staff. Anyone who was in close contact with the people are being notified.

  A letter sent home stated “After working with the Ocean County Health Department to analyze the facts and circumstances of the cases and to begin contact tracing, we have determined that we need more time to ascertain whether the virus is spreading in our school.

  “Please know that we realize that the timing of this notice and decision causes a hardship for our parents. However, the timing of these cases and our need to be sure that all contact tracing and analysis has been performed requires us to act in this way for the best interests of our students and staff,” officials said.

  Entrance to the building will be limited only to staff members to retrieve any items they need. All students and staff are to work remotely.

  Arrangements will be attempted for students who want to pick up a meal at a different location.

  Anyone who experiences COVID-19 symptoms is encouraged to contact the school nurse.

  For students in a in-person hybrid model, self-contained five-day program, they will remain on their current schedule, but it will be virtual.

  For in-person, hybrid model students, they will stay home and log in to their teacher’s Google Classroom at 9:05 a.m.

  For students who were already remote, there will be no changes.

  “Our health and safety protocols also include the cleaning and disinfecting of all exposed areas. The school is also remaining vigilant in the precautions we take to prevent the introduction and spread of viruses and other germs and is cleaning frequently touched surfaces daily,” officials said in the letter.