Jackson Township Might Create App For Business

Photo by Bob Vosseller

  JACKSON – Councilmembers discussed ways to improve business growth in the township and urged residents to directly seek answers from the township Municipal Utilities Authority.

  Council President Jennifer Kuhn reported that during the March meeting of the Economic Development Advisory Committee “we discussed the potential development of a township app for your phone.” She said members of the committee also brought up the idea of having a Jackson business directory listed on the township website. “I think this is a fantastic idea.”

  “The vision is to offer businesses the opportunity to be listed on the township directory to get more local exposure. Creating a Jackson Township app could be a valuable resource for the community,” she added.

  Kuhn noted that by consolidating an area where permit and other pertinent information could be found by the business community into one accessible platform “we could significantly enhance the convenience and efficiency of accessing important township related information.”

  She also felt an app would help foster greater “civic involvement and awareness of town events and initiatives. I am excited to explore this further.”

  Kuhn said she received confirmation from the Jackson Board of Education that the Jackson Memorial High School Band will be able to perform during the Jackson Day program in the fall.

Water And A Growing Town

  In other news, Kuhn questioned whether the new homes in town are going to be serviced by the Jackson Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA).

  The township MUA is its own entity and is charged with operating and maintaining facilities that provide reliable and cost-effective water and wastewater services.

  The council president posed the question, “when does the Jackson MUA plan to provide water and sewer to the rest of the town? We have received quite a few questions that have not been able to be answered. We would like to see residents ask their questions directly to the MUA at their monthly meeting.”

  She repeated that “water and sewer hasn’t been provided to match the growth of the town. We keep hearing that water and sewer needs are not being met. We encourage people to go to the Jackson MUA meeting on March 28 at 5 p.m. so your questions can be answered by the Authority.”

  That body’s board members are currently listed on the MUA website as including Chairman William J. Allmann, Vice Chairman Todd Porter, Treasurer Janet Longo, Secretary Lewis Wildman, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Richard Egan, Alternate member I Karen Bressi and Alternate member II Josh Vann.

Open Space

  Kuhn also spoke about the township’s Open Space Committee and that the township has over 2,883 acres that have been preserved for open space. A spread sheet is being developed that will let residents know what property submissions are currently in review and what properties have been preserved.

  Councilman Mordechai Burnstein serves as liaison to the Open Space Advisory Committee and said, “they are working on updating our map so we know exactly what the town owns with open space and to look into and see what could be made into parks. We have multiple leads that the administration is looking into. We wish every lead will turn into something tangible.”

  “The State recently redid their housing development plan and I understand all Republicans voted against it. Instead of legislators focusing on adding more housing requirements they should be focusing on better ways to make New Jersey more affordable for all residents,” Burnstein added.