Jackson Residents Urged To Report Potholes

Jackson Town Hall (Photo by Micromedia Publications)

JACKSON – Some people call it winter. Many drivers call it pothole season.

It’s science learned in elementary school: when something freezes, it expands. When it heats, it contracts. With all the snow and rain this winter, the absorbed water and the pavement itself expands, and then contracts. The weight of vehicles driving over the pavement all days leads to cracks in the road, which over time, become those chasms drivers curse.

Jackson Township is pocked with potholes after this brutal winter season. Public works does keep up with the location and fillings, but the mayor’s office is asking residents to report them as well.

Residents can call the township at 732-928-1200, ext. 1250 to report a pothole on township roads.

To report a pothole on county roads, call the Ocean County Road Department at 732-929-2133.