Jackson Council Wants To Curb Governor’s Emergency Powers

Photo by Bob Vosseller

  JACKSON – The Township Council supported a bill that would limit a governor’s ability to impose continued executive orders during a health emergency.

  “It supports Senator Declan O’Scanlon’s bipartisan bill S-1200 which would limit a public health emergency declaration to 60 days total,” Councilman Nino Borrelli said.

  The councilman explained the bill, co-sponsored by a Democrat member of the legislature, would include the initial 30 days and one 30-day renewal by the governor, “unless, an extension is granted by the legislature. Currently a state of emergency or a public health declaration can continue until terminated by the governor which has happened under Governor (Phil) Murphy in the last two years.”

  The bill includes that state of emergency and public health emergency declarations can be terminated by two thirds vote of the legislature.

  Councilman Borrelli stressed, “this bill is bi-partisan. I read the all-Democrat Gloucester County Board of Commissioners has passed a resolution supporting this bill and the residents of Jackson Township and the State of New Jersey deserve a system of checks and balances.”

  “The Township Council supports advocating for residents locally through their elected representatives in the state legislature,” he added.

Remembering George Washington

  In other news, Councilman Steven Chisholm recognized the 290th birthday of “our first and greatest American president, George Washington. Today used to be a day celebrated throughout our history. We used to know the man and know what he did and his accomplishments and why America was and is today.”

  “He was first in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen, unfortunately, thanks to a bill in 1968 to come up with the Uniform (Monday) Holiday Bill. We have made another three-day weekend and we get to sell used cars,” he said. “We originally intended that to be for Lincoln and Washington, now it is all presidents. The guy who gave the longest speech, (President) William Henry Harrison and who died six weeks later of pneumonia from giving that speech. That was his major accomplishment and now he is celebrated along with two of our local mostly incompetent late presidents, and Jimmy Carter at the age of 97 can die peacefully knowing he is the third worst president in U.S. history, thank you Brandon.”

  “If we were to follow in George Washington’s advice, government being among other purposes is instituted to protect the persons and consciences of men from oppression,” he said. “It certainly is the duty of rulers to not only abstain from it themselves but to according to their stations prevent it in others.”

  “Law means nothing to tyrants,” Chisholm said. “We need to stop that and stand up to those individuals. Learn from our history and learn from our own laws and instill them in our children so they are not under the oppression of these tyrants in the future.”

Condolences Extended

  Councilman Martin Flemming extended condolences to the Moore family. “Mary Moore was a 45-year employee of this township. She was a hard worker for tax office and she will be missed.

  Mayor Mike Reina also extended condolences on Moore’s passing on February 12 at the age of 98. She was a member of the Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post 4703 in Jackson. After her retirement, she moved in 2007 from Jackson to Monroe, North Carolina.

  “We also want to send our condolences out to the family of someone who has worked for this township for a very, very long time, serving on the board of the MUA (Municipal Utilities Authority), serving on the Health Department and numerous boards, Carolann Blake passed away since our last meeting. Our condolences go out to her family,” Councilman Andrew Kern added.

  Blake was 79 when she died on February 10. She was a retired registered nurse at Muhlenberg Hospital, Plainfield, active with the Ocean County Board of Health and an avid supporter of the Armed Forces.