Jackson Council To Work On Better Communication

Photo by Bob Vosseller

  JACKSON – Communication is key, and Township Council members said there is not enough of it between the elected officials who run the town.

  Township Council President Martin Flemming noted toward the close of a recent council meeting that more discussion was needed regarding certain proposals. One in particular involved a plan to form a citizens committee to protect open space. Another was recent appointments.

  The issues suggest a power struggle between two political groups, as fallout from a nasty election last year. 

  “As you can see, we need to do a better job of communication up here and we’re going to work on that as best we can,” Flemming told the public present.

  Earlier in the session, Council members disagreed on the introduction of an ordinance to form an Open Space Committee. Flemming, Council Vice Council President Steve Chisholm and Councilman Nino Borrelli voted against it while council members Scott Sargent and Jennifer Kuhn voted for it.

  Flemming explained he had concerns over the committee. “I gave my concerns to the administration and I never got a response to my e-mail. Of all these spots on this committee, only one got the approval of the council.”

  “We had no say on this at all. We need to address that and have a conversation. That is why I voted no,” Flemming explained.

  Borrelli explained his negative vote saying, “I feel there are some minor tweaks that need to be made to it. I have concerns as well. I just wish Council had more authority to appoint the volunteers.”

  “I think it is putting too much power and control in administration’s hands and I think Council should have a say especially since we are elected representatives of our town and I also think some other language needs to be added,” Borrelli added.

  “Not at this time,” Chisholm said when it came time his vote on the measure.

  Councilwoman Jennifer Kuhn also noted the need for better communication. She voted no to Resolution 74-23 which concerned an appointment of membership to the Jackson Municipal Utilities Authority. “I was never shown Lewis Wilder’s resume or any other resumes so I can’t vote blindly,” she told The Jackson Times.