Councilman: US Should Pull Support From WHO

Photo by Bob Vosseller

  JACKSON – Local officials tackled another global issue by supporting legislation that would prevent America from giving support to the World Health Organization.

  Councilman Steven Chisholm wanted to bring the public’s attention to proposed federal legislation, HR419. “This is a bill that is desperately needed. Many of you may be familiar with the WHO, the World Health Organization. These guys would like to steal your Constitutional rights and unfortunately Democrats in Washington D.C. are pushing to have international health regulations that were once passed in 2005 extended.”

  According to The Associated Press, the proposed U.S. amendments would strengthen requirements for reporting health emergencies. Member countries agree to abide by the guidelines, but the WHO does not have the power to enforce them, nor can it interfere in other countries’ decision-making processes, according to experts.

  However, Republicans have been saying that these amendments would cut back American self-rule.


  “They would not affect state sovereignty according to what they originally proposed but the new proposed amendments to the existing international health regulations along with a pending pandemic treaty which is being drafted right now would vastly expand the authority of the WHO,” Chisholm added.

  He said the amendments would threaten state sovereignty “triggered by the expansion of legal power of the CDC (Centers For Disease Control). We’ve already seen what these clowns can do over the last two years. Dr. Fauci should be investigated along with the rest of them and his ilk and they need to be in jail where they belong.

  “They can now detain and examine Americans solely on the statements of unelected WHO leaders. These are not people from the United States. These are not people who have any authority to stop or examine you or your health. The WHO and its members are immune to any liability from an international agreement so the American Constitution will not protect Americans when it comes to the actions of the WHO. There is no transparency and no accountability,” Chisholm added.

  Chisholm said, “they can track you and become a global health governance body which would undermine any of your health and security so you would have no rights before them and these bureaucrats would have the opportunity to check your health including stopping you from traveling.”

  The councilman urged residents to “reach out to (4th District) Congressman (Chris) Smith and tell him to support HB419.

  None of the councilman’s statements about the amendments are true, according to an official who is closely involved with the amendments.

  Lawrence O. Gostin, who directs the World Health Organization Collaborating Center on National and Global Health Law and is an expert on the International Health Regulations, was interviewed by the Associated Press and He helped write the 2005 version. 

  “WHO has no authority to dictate US health policy whatsoever,” he said. “The Regulations have no control whatsoever over national health care policy or programs. That is entirely a matter for the sovereign nation to decide. The WHO can make recommendations after the declaration of a global emergency, but they are just recommendations and are non-binding. States are legally bound to report dangerous outbreaks, but there is no enforcement mechanism and countries often do not comply. China, for example, failed to promptly report COVID outbreaks, which conservatives in the U.S. roundly condemned,” he said.

 The bill prohibits the United States from providing any assessed or voluntary contributions to the World Health Organization. It has been referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs which deals with subjects such as diplomacy, foreign officials, Americans abroad, foreign aid and international relief and international affairs along with international organizations and cooperation of the United Nations and world health according to

  “Call your Senators and I realize it is New Jersey and it will fall on deaf ears, however let them know where you stand and tell them no, to yet another bureaucratic overreach especially from the international community. This is America and we need to stand up,” Chisholm suggested.

  -Chris Lundy contributed to this story