Cops: Do You Know This Man?

Screenshot courtesy Jackson Township Police

JACKSON – The Jackson Township Police Department has released home surveillance footage in hopes of identifying a suspicious person.

A Daffodil Drive residence in Sixty Acres had an unwanted visitor on July 26. The man rang a doorbell at 6:40 p.m. The Ring camera video showed that he looked toward the woods, gave a “thumbs up” to someone off camera, then used his phone.

Neighbors who were seated outside saw the man, who they say walked past them to a next door residence.

“They advised [Officer Ryan Donnelly] that they thought he may have been a solicitor but were suspicious when the male did not attempt to speak with them and they saw that he was not carrying any paperwork or identification,” Capt. Steven Laskiewicz said. “They did not see or hear anyone else in the area and one resident advised that after seeing the activity, he attempted to follow the subject to see if he was returning to a vehicle but he lost track of him.”

Police searched solicitor permit records, but found nothing positively identifying this person. At this time they are not suggesting any criminal activity was committed.

Anyone with information on this person is asked to call Officer Donnelly at 732-928-1111.