Toddler Drowns In Swimming Pool

Photo courtesy of Cop

HOWELL – A child who was being supervised by an adult passed away after being found unresponsive in a swimming pool, police said.

Lucas Hynes, 3, drowned in his home’s swimming pool, police said.

Police learned through an investigation that he and several young children were swimming and playing on July 29, while being supervised by an adult. The children later played in the yard, also under adult supervision. Eventually, everyone went inside, but Lucas’ mother realized he wasn’t with them.

Lucas’ mother immediately searched for him when he was discovered missing, and found him floating in the pool. It was estimated that there were about 10 minutes when he was unaccounted for. She began CPR while another witness on scene called 911.

Howell police arrived, and began resuscitation efforts. This resulted in Lucas regaining his pulse. He was then transported to Jersey Shore University Medical Center by MONOC Medics.

“Despite Lucas’s strong will to live, he succumbed to his injuries” the following morning, police reported.

As a result of the investigation, Howell police and the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office determined that there were no suspicious circumstances, and it was just a tragic accident.

“The Howell Police Department sends their condolences to Lucas’s family and friends,” a press release stated. “Out of respect for the family and to provide time for the initial investigation, the Howell Police Department refrained from issuing a press release. However, information about the incident has been circulating over social media, therefore, a decision was made to release the facts and circumstances surrounding this tragic event.”

Howell Police EMS and Howell First Aid squad had also responded to the scene.

A GoFundme is now active to help the family with the funeral expenses.