“She Can Finally Feel Comfort,” Starving Puppy Rescued From Roadside

Photo courtesy Monmouth County SPCA

  NEPTUNE – An emaciated eight-week-old puppy is fighting a “mighty battle” as she continues to improve from starvation after being left on the side of the road in Neptune Township.

  On May 7, members of the Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) were called to Monroe Avenue on a report of a found puppy.

  The caller told police that around 8 p.m. May 6, the dog was found two blocks away, near the intersection of Bangs and Myrtle Avenues. The caller said he contacted the SPCA the following day when he realized that she was too sick for him to adequately care for her.

  The puppy is a tan female pit bull mix estimated to be 8 to 10 weeks old and named “Matilda” by her caregivers.

  “We responded to the call and took custody of an emaciated 8-week-old puppy… and what we saw was beyond words. Skin and bones, labored breathing, and unable to lift her head, a puppy we’ve named ‘Matilda’ was on the brink of death,” Monmouth County SPCA said.

  MCSPCA stated that the puppy was rushed to the shelter, shaking and whimpering, and they were unsure if she was going to make it.

Photo courtesy Monmouth County SPCA

  “We wrapped Matilda in warm blankets and began IV fluids to try and give this tiny girl some life. Matilda has been minimally responsive to our care, and she’s still in critical condition but we’re doing our absolute best to keep her comfortable,” MCSPCA said.

  On May 10, MCSPCA wrote an optimistic update on Matilda’s condition as she’s been slowly showing improvements.

  “As far as our sweet girl Matilda, she is living up to her name ‘mighty in battle’ and is showing small, yet promising, signs of improvement. We’re doing our absolute best to keep this girl on a positive path and we’re so grateful to have all of you behind us, fighting the good fight,” MCSPCA said.

  Caretakers have been able to stabilize the dog’s temperature from 97° to a normal 101°. She’s currently being fed small, frequent meals in order not to shock her system since she was severely starved. At first, her blood work wasn’t up to par, but it is now showing improvements.

  MCSPCA said Matilda is in foster with other dogs and she just “can’t get enough of them.”

  “She absolutely loves to cuddle and has been following them around like a shadow! She can finally feel comfort – and she’ll never have to be scared or alone again,” MCSPCA said.

  Those who would like to donate to help Matilda, visit: classy.org/give/487872/#!/donation/checkout.

  At this time, authorities are still seeking the person responsible for neglecting Matilda. Anyone with information should contact SPCA investigators at 732-440-1539.