Polling Places Relocated To Improve Safety

Howell Town Hall (Photo courtesy of Howell Township)

HOWELL – Howell Township is moving polling locations out of schools and into township locations. Take note of where your new polling place will be before the June 4 Primary Election.

According to Penny Wollman, Township Clerk, “For the overall safety and security of our community, voting polling places have been removed from all Howell Township schools…Your sample ballot will show this new location as your Polling Place.”

Find your new polling place:

  • Districts 2, 14, and 27: Moved from Howell Middle School North to CrossPoint Church, 462 Squankum Yellowbrook Road
  • Districts 4, 6, 28, and 32: Moved from Adelphia School to Ardena Baptist Church, 593 Adelphia Road
  • Districts 5 and 30: Moved from Land O’ Pines School to the Emergency Services Annex (OEM), 51 Windeler Road
  • Districts 10 and 29: Moved from Newbury School to Christ Church, 71 Oak Glen Road
  • Districts 13 and 22: Moved from Taunton School to Echo Lake Pavilion, 1205 Maxim Southard Road
  • Districts 11 and 16: Moved from Aldrich School to the Howell First Aid Building, 16 Kent Road
  • District 9: Moved from St. Veronica’s School to Town Hall, 4567 Route 9 North
  • Districts 7, 19, and 26: Moved from Ramtown School to St. William the Abbot Church, 2740 Allenwood Lakewood Road
  • Districts 15 and 18: Moved from Greenville School to Howell Elks #2515, 84 Ramtown-Greenville Road.