Police Warn Of “Cash Reward” Scam

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  FREEHOLD – If someone calls you promising a “grant” or a “cash reward,” they are most likely scammers, police warn.

  The department has been receiving “multiple reports specifically from our senior citizen residents.” They are contacted by phone or over the internet. They appear very convincing, giving a little bit of personal information about you in order to gain your trust.

  Then, they’ll offer you a grant or cash reward, but first you have to send them money, police said.

  In some cases, they’ll tell you that a loved one is kidnapped or in jail and the money is requested in the form of gift cards or money orders.

  “We would like to remind our residents to be very careful when speaking to or interacting with people over the phone or internet,” police said. “Legitimate government agencies will not contact you via phone, email, or social media requesting your personal information. They will also not request payment via gift cards, money orders, or cashier’s checks.”

  Police asked that people take the time to check into the validity of their claim before sending any money. Anyone who thinks they are being scammed can call 732-462-7500.

  Never give out personal information or money to people you contact you, police said.