Police: Threat To Howell HS Unsubstantiated

Photo courtesy Freehold Regional High School District

HOWELL – A Howell Police investigation ruled that word of a threat at Howell High School on May 22 was simply a rumor.

Howell police investigated the potential threat on May 22, determining that none existed. The identity of certain students remain confidential, however police assured “the actions taken by the high school administration are consistent with the expectations of this department,” in a press release.

Following the investigation, Chief Kudrick noted that no criminal charges have been filed and no further action will be taken on the matter. “We have considered this incident CLOSED,” stated Kudrick in the release.

The police department’s statement assured residents and parents that information on a real incident would be released right away if the community is ever at risk.

“Parents are reminded not to circulate or interpret as real information that is only speculative. Principal Braverman and I are in constant communication with one another. I can assure you the safety of the school community is our highest priority,” stated Kudrick.