Nurse And Her Mother Attacked By Former Patient

Photo courtesy Howell Police

  HOWELL – A Lakewood man is in custody after Township police charged him for kidnapping/violent assault after he terrorized a nurse and her mother.

  At approximately 3:30 p.m. on May 22, Howell Police Communications received multiple 9-1-1 calls reporting a disturbance at a residence on Newton’s Corner Road in the Ramtown section of the township.

  Upon their arrival, officers met a female who displayed signs of a violent assault.  Her clothing was torn, she was bleeding and held ice to her face. 

  The woman works as a nurse at Monmouth Medical Center – Kimball in Lakewood. She stated the suspect was a patient she had seen the previous night.

  She provided a description of the subject which was circulated by police within minutes and Township Police Sgt. Nicholas Bondarew was able to locate the suspect.

  The suspect, 37-year old Leonardo Larrarte, was taken into custody without resistance after leaving the scene.

  The victim explained she heard a knocking on the door. As she went downstairs, her 64-year-old mother had already let the suspect inside. The victim immediately noticed it was a male she had admitted the previous evening and demanded that he leave.

  Larrate refused and he proceeded to assault the nurse’s mother then went after the her. Meanwhile a friend of the nurse who was upstairs heard the assault and called 9-1-1 but didn’t know the house number. 

  Township police were patrolling in the area where the cell call was made. 

  Downstairs, the assault continued and became more violent as Larrate claimed the nurse was his wife and demanded she come with him or he would kill her mother.

  The victim grabbed a knife from the kitchen and attempted to defend herself by stabbing Larrate. He was able to avoid being stabbed but continued to punch and choke the victim. 

  Finally, after she refused to stop defending herself, Larrate fled from the house. 

  Neighbors who heard the commotion called 9-1-1 and Larrarte was subsequently charged with 1st degree attempted kidnapping, 2nd degree burglary, 3rd degree terroristic threats, 4th degree possession of synthetic marijuana and simple assault.

  Following his processing, Larrarte was transported to Monmouth County Correctional Institution where he will be held pending a hearing.

  It remains currently unknown as to how Larrarte learned where the nurse lived. He did provide a statement implicating himself.

  Police seized his two cellphones as part of the investigation. Township Police are able to analyze cellphones. 

  The nurse and her mother were treated and released from the hospital.

  Police Chief Andrew Kudrick said, “our homes are our sanctuary. A place that should always be safe. No one should have to go through such a traumatic, life altering incident such as this.”

  “Fortunately, she fought back and refused to quit. As a result, she survived. Predators such as Larrarte should never be allowed to see another day of freedom to victimize another innocent person,” the chief added.