Howell Township Honors Its Veterans

These wreaths were placed on veterans’ graves. (Photo courtesy Howell Elks)

  HOWELL – With the goal to remember and honor our country’s veterans, several organizations came out to lay wreaths on graves of those who might have been forgotten during the holiday season.

  This year, The Howell Heritage and Historical Society partnered with Wreaths Across America to have a first-time ceremony at Cedar Lawn Cemetery and Southard Methodist Episcopal Churchyard, also known as Southard Cemetery.

  “This is the first time that all of the cemeteries in Howell Township are honoring all of the veterans who are interred here,” the Society said.

  2021 was the fifth year that veterans were honored at Ardena Baptist Church Cemetery; the fourth year that the Farmingdale Historical Society and the Farmingdale Evergreen Cemetery Committee are remembering the interred at Evergreen Cemetery where they include the veterans at Abner Thorp, Brewer Burial Ground, Squankum Quaker Friends, and Jerseyville cemeteries; and the second year that Adelphia Fire Co. is facilitating a Wreaths Across America ceremony at the Adelphia and Bethesda Cemeteries.

  Wreaths Across America’s mission is to “Remember, Honor and Teach.” Throughout the year, the organization works in multiple ways to show veterans and their families that the community will “never forget.”

Scouts stand together and salute the flag to honor the fallen veterans. (Photo courtesy Howell Elks)

  On December 18, all 120 veterans buried at the Cedar Lawn/Southard Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery in Howell received wreaths on their graves. In the entire township, over 700 veterans were honored and remembered.

  “We want to thank everyone who sponsored wreaths. We are proud to report that every veteran that is interred in Howell Township will have wreaths laid on their graves, a total of 788,” the Society said.

  At the ceremony, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cubs and Brownies attended the Presentation of Colors. Members of the Howell Elks were also present to help honor the veterans.

  Howell Township Councilwoman Evelyn O’Donnell read off the names of the 120 veterans before volunteers began the laying of the wreaths.

Many volunteers as well as family members came out to lay wreaths on veteran’s graves. (Photo courtesy Howell Elks)