Howell School Hosts Taiwanese Visitors

Photo courtesy Howell Township Schools

HOWELL – A group of educators from New Taipei City, Taiwan recently made a visit to Howell Township’s Adelphia School for a day of educational collaboration.

Howell district officials welcomed the guests, even presenting them with honorary school IDs.

The New Taipei City educators mingled with Howell educators “to focus on strategy grouping, personalized learning, and workshop methodologies to meet the needs of all learners,” according to the district. The guests were invited to participate in district programs such as Data Dive, and learn the practices of Howell’s School Improvement Panels.

Photo courtesy Howell Township Schools

Howell Township Police were also a part of the day’s events, where Chief Andrew Kudrick was presented with a gift from the New Taipei City delegation.

“It was an amazing morning and we are so thankful for the opportunity to be included in such a special event. Our bond and partnership with our outstanding school district continues to grow. It’s an example for all others to follow,” stated Howell Police via social media.