Howell Receives $250K For Paving Work

Road. (File photo)
Road. (File photo)

HOWELL – Howell Township received a $250,000 grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) for paving improvements to Howell Road.

According to Director of Community Development Jim Herrman, this grant is one of two grants that the municipality applied for from NJDOT. The other was for improvements on West Farms Road in the township. While the township did receive the Howell Road grant, it was not for the full amount requested, he added.

The $250,000 grant is approximately $100,000 less than what the township received for improvements in 2018, said township manager Brian Geoghegan.

These state funds will reduce the appropriate capital line item on the 2019 budget by $250,000, the budget still needs to be amended to reflect the remainder of the costs.

“We’ll be still requesting additional funding in the budget…we will still need about $165,000 to do the project that we need to do,” said Herrman.