Howell Police Honor Local Heroes

Howell Police took time on Nov. 11 to honor all military veterans, as well as those, active and retired, on the Howell police force. (Photo courtesy Howell Police)

HOWELL – Howell Township Police Department took time on November 11, Veteran’s Day, to honor and thank all military veterans, including the ones on their own force.

“The selfless sacrifices that you have made cannot be repaid. We are committed to keeping your family safe while you keep our country safe,” stated Howell Police on social media.

Howell Township Police boast retired as well as active military personnel within the ranks of the department, including:

  • Captain Tom Rizzo – Army
  • Sergeant Jack Headley – Marines
  • Sergeant John Lopez – Army/Air Force
  • Sergeant Nick Bondarew – Coast Guard
  • Corporal Jason Baratta – Army
  • Patrolman Matt Zilinski – Army
  • Patrolman Nathan Headd – Marines/Army
  • Patrolman Dan Bozza – Marines
  • Chief’s Executive Assist. Carlene Tanner – Air Force
Chief Andrew Kudrick and soldiers. (Photo courtesy Howell Police)