Howell Corporal Retires After 28 Years

Corporal Kevin Steinard (Photo courtesy Howell Township Police Department)

HOWELL – Howell Township Police held a last call ceremony for Cpl. Kevin Steinard #172 upon his retirement from the force after 28 years. The last call ceremony was held on June 28 in preparation for Cpl. Steinard’s official retirement on July 1.

Fellow officers, administrative assistants, and other law enforcement personnel were present for his last call ceremony, where Cpl. Steinard gave an individual salute to each member, followed by a round of hugs.

Howell police posted a video of the ceremony to their Facebook page where you can see Cpl. Steinard’s last moments in uniform.

Beginning his law enforcement career in Manchester in 1989, Steinard then transferred to Howell where he served the next 28 years “with professionalism and pride,” according to Howell police.

Corporal Kevin Steinard with Officer Courtney Casterlin. (Photo courtesy Howell Township Police Department)

Not only was he an officer, but he also supported the Police Athletic League and Explorer Program, and acted as a field training officer, member of the Howell SWAT team, Honor Guard and a school resource officer.

“As a police explorer, I had the opportunity to go on ride-alongs with then Patrolman Steinard. His calm demeanor, professional conduct and knowledge of the job was always remarkable. He is the perfect example of a police officer. Being able to thank him and be part of his last day will always be a highlight in my tenure as chief,” stated Chief Andrew Kudrick in a social media post.

The members of the Howell Police Department wished Cpl. Steinard a happy and healthy retirement.