Family Horrified After Euthanized Dog Turns Up Alive

Photo courtesy Keri Levy

HOWELL – The Monmouth County SPCA is assisting Howell Police with an investigation into what went wrong when a local family thought they euthanized their beloved 15-year-old Miniature Pinscher “Caesar” last May, and then he turned up still alive five months later.

Keri Levy brought Caesar to Briarwood Veterinary Hospital, just south of Casino Drive on Route 9, to be put to sleep by Dr. George Menez because of his weakening health. Without Levy knowing, Menez allowed a veterinary employee to take Caesar home and “rehabilitate” him out of an apparent compassion for the dog.

Levy only learned her dog was still alive over the past couple weeks, with Howell Police becoming aware of the incident for the first time on October 16. Fortunately, Caesar was immediately returned to his original owner by the Briarwood employee, and then euthanized.

Levy was refunded the money she paid for the original visit in May.

Officers and detectives present for the exchange reported that the dog was in “good spirts and no obvious signs of neglect were apparent.”

Caesar’s condition and the attention he was given over the past five months while he was in the hands of the Briarwood employee remain under investigation by the Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Charges have yet to be filed against the employee or the veterinarian in regards to this incident.