Driver Admits To Texting Behind The Wheel After Hitting Patrol Car

Photo courtesy Howell Police

  HOWELL – After a recent car accident, the Howell Township Police Department is reminding all motorists not to use their cell phones while driving.

  On October 25, officers were investigating an accident on Route 9 in the northbound lanes near Casino Drive when an incoming driver hit an unoccupied patrol vehicle.

  The woman driving the car later admitted that she was texting and not paying attention to the road.

  No injuries were reported in the incident. According to the department, the driver was issued summonses

  “This is another reminder that it only takes a second to possibly ruin the rest of your life or someone else’s,” the department wrote on social media. “We all are guilty of it on occasion but when there’s an active emergency scene that’s definitely not the time to be doing so. Move over or significantly slow for stopped emergency vehicles. This includes our tow/wrecker services.”