Crowds Surprised With New Prescription Solution At National Night Out

Residents met with community groups, emergency responders, and more at the Night Out Against Crime. (Photo courtesy Howell Township)

  HOWELL –  Howell Township recently celebrated another National Night Out in honor of local law enforcement and first responders’ efforts, and as a way to spread positive interaction and messages throughout the community. Unlike some other local events, Howell’s came with a big surprise giveaway, courtesy of the Howell Municipal Alliance.

  The surprise promotion was a well-kept secret until the night of the event. The Alliance released only a few hints as to what it could be, stating: “The tiny item is no bigger than a packet of Crystal Light.”

  The item was unveiled to be DisposeRx, “a preventive solution that addresses several major health concerns, including accidental poisoning, environmental pollution, and opioid addiction/overdose,” stated Christa Riddle, Howell Alliance Coordinator.

  The way DisposeRx works is by adding water. When you add water to the prescription vial containing leftover drugs, its proprietary powder forms a thick gel that renders the medication unusable and ready for safe disposal, explained Riddle.

The Howell Alliance provided a safe way to get rid of unused prescriptions. (Photo courtesy Howell Township)

  When the Alliance reached out to DisposeRx back in June, the company offered a generous donation of 500 DisposeRx packets for Howell community distribution.

  Out of the 500 DisposeRx packets, 250 were distributed at National Night Out. The rest will be distributed amongst Howell community members at upcoming township events and by request.

  “We were amazed at the community response to our DisposeRx giveaway. People wanted several packets to dispose of unwanted medications, like the ease of doing it right at home, and loved the fact that DisposeRx is fine for the environment,” said Riddle. “It was great to see such proactive interest in prevention. People had great questions and stayed to chat about prevention efforts in Howell.

Photo courtesy Howell Township

  “We asked that those who took DisposeRx packets follow up with us after using the product to gauge future interest and ease of use.”

  North Carolina-based company, DisposeRx, Inc., is “dedicated to eradicating the misuse of leftover medication to decrease the risk of drug diversion, accidental poisonings, overdoses, and deaths,” according to the company.

  The DisposeRx packet is small, similar in size to a Crystal Light packet as the clue described. It is designed to make a simple, efficient, and eco-friendly solution to the drug problem.

Photo courtesy Howell Township

  For those who can’t find the time to travel to Howell Police Department’s Project Medicine Drop, there is now DisposeRx. The Project Medicine Drop program is ongoing at the police department, located at 300 Old Tavern Road. You can also call for at-home police pick-up at 732-938-4111.

  To get your free DisposeRx packet, contact Riddle at 732-938-4500 ext. 4012 or

Photo courtesy Howell Township