Board Honors Exemplary Educators Of The Year

Pictured are Amy Italiano, Berit Burst, and Katy Mohr who were some of several teachers named NJ DOE Exemplary Educators. (Photo courtesy Howell Schools)

  HOWELL – A total of 21 teachers from the Howell Township School District were recently recognized as they were selected to be NJ Department Of Education Exemplary Educators of the Year.

  At a recent Howell Board of Education meeting, the Board honored the selected teachers who showed true dedication to their profession.

  The New Jersey Exemplary Educator award is a state-wide recognition for teachers who have a positive impact on their students, colleagues, and the school community. They also possess a clear vision for quality teaching and learning.

  The program invites school administrators every year to nominate up the three educators from grades Pre-K to 5 and 6 to 12. They alternate every year, this year being Pre-K to 5 receiving the awards.

  “This annual program honors diverse educators who have a positive impact on their students and the school community. They may become a candidate for recognition from the county or the state the national levels,” said Bruce Preston, Assistant Superintendent/Curriculum and Personnel.

  “When school leaders are hardworking educators, they promote a culture that publicly recognizes excellence, fosters pride in the education profession. I think that’s something this Board really values so much and why we have these opportunities,” Preston added.

  Throughout the state, only 180 educators were given this award in 2022. During the Board of Education meeting, each principal from their respective schools presented the awards to their teachers. They discussed what each teacher has accomplished and praised them on the impact they make to the school community.

  The following educators were named Exemplary Educators of the Year:

  • Adelphia Elementary School – Linda DeSimone
  • Aldrich Elementary School – Kim Khouzam; John Newton
  • Ardena Elementary School – Tammy O’Gara; Sara Glynn; Patricia Pickering
  • Edith M. Griebling Elementary School – Jennifer Careatti; Jill Bohm; Lisa Parshelunis
  • Greenville Elementary School – Alyssa Monaco; Danielle Balsamo
  • Land O’Pines Elementary School – Michelle Lynn; Michele Stigliano
  • Memorial Elementary School – Keri Wright; Amy Steinberg; Danielle Wall
  • Newbury Elementary School – Lisa Oliver
  • Ramtown Elementary School – Amy Italiano; Berit Burst; Katy Mohr
  • Taunton Elementary School – Jessica McPolin

  “I appreciate everyone recognizing these incredible educators. A good chunk of the state’s winners are from right here in Howell, and that’s not by accident. Congratulations to all of our recipients for the prestigious honor and we are certainly pleased to have them as our members in our community, taking care of our kids,” Superintendent of Schools Joseph Isola said.