What Teacher Inspired You?

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“Monsieur Bonehead. Monsieur Conehead.”

That was how Jack Kolmansberger introduced himself to his class, with a French accent, getting us kids engaged right from the first day of school. It was like he was telling us: “Education is important, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun.”

I ran into him years ago. I was walking with my daughter on the Island Heights boardwalk. He seemed to remember me, too. I’m not sure if it was because my father was an administrator or if Jack was just the type of person who remembered everyone. He told me he had “cancer of the everything” and cheerfully joked about his treatment.

Officials and surviving relatives remembered him at a ceremony not too long ago at Shelter Cove in Toms River. They were honoring him for his work in the recreation department. But I remember him as one of my French teachers.

It’s nice to see he had an impact on other people as well. Apparently, he touched a lot of lives and his legacy is clear to see.

I’m sure you have a teacher – or teachers – who you remember fondly. Take a minute away from the hectic world and just think about them. Write out a thank you to them. It doesn’t matter if they ever get to see it. Remember what they wanted for you. With all the negative things being spread on social media, post something positive instead. Let their legacy live on.

Chris Lundy
News Editor