How To Turn An Election Loss Into A Win

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If the candidate you backed has lost, or if you were the candidate who lost, you can’t let that stop you from making your community better.

Take something that you care about and volunteer. Do you want to improve the environment or open space? There are plenty of local groups with those same goals. Do you want more recreation in your town? Volunteer to help out for a team or club. Do you want to decrease taxes? Of course you do. Get a copy of your town’s budget, educate yourself, and make suggestions for change (They might fall on deaf ears, but at least you will have tried).

Every town is in need of volunteers. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask who needs help. There are always boards and committees that need dedicated people. Often, they are so low profile, that the usual politically-involved people don’t want to be on them. So, there might be an opening. Religious groups and nonprofits are always eager to find people with the right motivation to help.

Now that the election results are in, the winning candidates are setting their goals for the upcoming years.


The losing candidates are not.

Why is that?

If you believed strongly enough in something to run for office, why not continue to do good in your community? There are other ways – and often better ways – to affect change than politics.

Chris Lundy
News Editor