9 Ways To Outsmart Fat Cells

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Women can be really hard on themselves. Fattening foods contains addictive chemicals and flavor-enhancing (toxic) substances that make you crave it! It’s criminal that these things are allowed in our foods.

For sure, I know it’s not entirely your fault! The fat cells expand and expand and then hold on to estrogen, leading to more expansion and sometimes even female types of cancers. You can’t shake off fat cells, you have to shrink them. This is a very complex problem, one that I cannot cover entirely here, but I will do my best to set you up for success.

You have to be pretty smart to outsmart a fat cell. Once hormones like cortisol come into play, you’re dealing with belly fat accumulation which is a vicious circle because the fat on your belly has more cortisol receptors, which then attracts more fat!

  In today’s article, I’m referring to weight gain that occurs with ANY body shape, regardless of what your numbers are. Fat cells are stubborn mules.

You can’t get rid of them. So if you think you can eliminate your fat cells by losing weight, you’re wrong. They’re there to stay, like a mule. You want them to be thin though. You can certainly empty a fat cell of its fat (aka energy) but unlike other things in your body (like pesticides, sticky xenohormones, decayed teeth, a kidney stone, a pathogen), you cannot eliminate, or even kill a fat cell.

You can’t starve yourself either! Another mistake people make is by going on a crash diet. Maintaining a size 2 after you’ve been a size 10 all your life is virtually impossible to maintain if you achieved the size 2 AFTER a crash diet. This is because your body went into starvation mode to get to the size 2. It sends a signal to your brain that this person is now dying, they’re starving themselves to death! They are going into a phase called catabolism.

I have a 9 step plan that I know works. I have a much longer version of this article that fully explains everything. You can read that version by signing up for my FREE newsletter at suzycohen.com and I’ll email it.  But to get you started today, here are the 9 steps:

  1. Tone
  2. Restore nutrients
  3. Eat this
  4. Fun Exercise
  5. Portions
  6. Eat slowly
  7. Adaptogens
  8. Relaxation
  9. Balance 2 hormones

You can lose weight again. It may feel like a struggle on some days, but I believe in you. No matter what indulgence you get into, just go back to the plan and do the best you can. Don’t let anyone body shame you. You are who you are, and no matter how futile you think it is, just stick with it. One day you will look into the mirror and love what you see.