Woman Who Lost Home In Forest Fire Killed In Route 70 Accident

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  BRICK – A Brick Township woman who was killed on Route 70 in an accident Monday had previously lost her possessions in the March 14 forest fire in Lakewood and Brick.

  Police had confirmed that Kathleen Winits, 55, was hit by a car on Route 70 near Olden Street and passed away from her injuries.

  Winits’ friend Cindy Lanouette wrote in a public post on Facebook stating how Winits and her husband, Adam, had been living in the woods that were destroyed by the forest fire.

  Lanouette wrote how she volunteers with Rev. Steve Brigham and Destiny’s Bridge, which assists the homeless in the Brick, Lakewood, and Howell. Through this she was able to meet Winit and her husband, Adam after the fire.

  “A few weeks ago, Adam and Kathy, our homeless friends, were displaced by the fires in Brick, and were put up in a motel for the last few weeks, and weeks to come by very many beautiful people. Last evening around 7 Kathy was hit by a car on Route 70 in Brick. Tragically, she did not survive,” Lanouette wrote. “Adam was having a really hard time getting over losing everything he owned in the fire, and is now completely distraught over the loss of his wife.”


  Currently, Lanouette said that family members are working to put together a donation campaign to help with the cost of her funeral expenses.

  “Please keep Adam, and his family in your prayers. Adam has had a very hard time. He is a great guy, and very hard working. He has just fallen on hard times with the economy,” Lanouette said.