Search Warrant Leads To Four Drug Arrests In Brick

Photo by Jason Allentoff

  BRICK – Four people were arrested and charged for having drugs after authorities found cocaine and heroin in their home, police said.

  On June 23, the Street Crimes Unit of the Brick Township Police Department executed a search warrant on Cindy Court. in Evergreen woods.

  According to police, Thomas Plummer, 45, from Philadelphia, was the target of the investigation. Also residing at the house were Tyler Bartholomew, 28, Kylie Rhoades, 28, and Ashley Smith, 25, all from Brick.

  When police arrived at the home, Plummer, Smith and Bartholomew, who were all standing outside, ran away. Officers were able to chase down Plummer and apprehended him in the Evergreen woods complex. While running from detectives, Plummer discard several items that were later recovered and identified as vials of crack cocaine and heroin.


  Bartholomew and Smith went back inside the home and locked the door. As a result, police proceeded to force entry into the home where they found two in a bed with Rhoades.

  After searching the home, police seized drug paraphernalia, heroin and crack. More crack and heroin were recovered outside the home in the area where Plummer was apprehended, police said.

  All four were charged with two counts of possession of controlled dangerous substances and possession of paraphernalia. In addition, Plummer was charged with obstructing the administration of justice, resisting arrest and two counts of intent to distribute crack and heroin. Bartholomew and Smith were also charged with obstruction.

  Plummer, Rhoades and Bartholomew were issued warrants and lodged in the Ocean County Jail. Ashley Smith was released on a summons.