Police Investigate “Bias” Tire Slashing Incidents

(Photo courtesy Lakewood Police Department)
(Photo courtesy Lakewood Police Department)

  LAKEWOOD – Police continue to probe an alleged “bias” tire slashing incident that occurred over the weekend in the Old Pine Acres section of Lakewood Township.

  According to Captain Gregory Staffordsmith of Lakewood Police, “an unidentified actor(s) slashed over 100 tires during the early morning hours of Saturday August 10.”

  A surveillance video of the incident shows a man approaching the vehicles and stabbing the tires with a knife.

  All of the vehicles targeted in the incident were owned or operated by members of Jewish faith, said Capt. Staffordsmith.

  “This matter is being investigated as a Bias Incident,” he added.

  Anyone with information is urged to contact the Lakewood Police Department at 732-363-0200.