Kumon Honors Students, Promotes At-Home Education Over Holidays

Photo courtesy Kumon

  BRICK – Kumon Math and Reading Center of Brick honored the academic successes of local students at a recent ceremony. These students were recognized for their hard work, dedication, and significant academic improvements.

  “At Kumon, we believe children have unlimited potential to succeed,” said Kumon Director, Elizabeth Starr-Norman. “My goal is to help each child develop strong academic skills, a love of learning and the confidence to excel beyond the classroom.”

Photo courtesy Kumon

  Kumon Math and Reading Center helps students perform above their grade level by going beyond simply tutoring. Kumon helps develop critical thinking skills through carefully crafted math and reading curriculum. Preschool to high school aged children throughout the United States are developing advanced skills and confidence through Kumon’s Method of Learning.

  In addition, Kumon encourages learning even over the holiday break.

  “The holidays are a great time for families to take a break from the hectic school schedule, but that doesn’t mean children should stop learning altogether,” said Elizabeth. “There are many ways to incorporate a few educational activities that will encourage learning and promote screen-free entertainment, while enjoying quality family time.”

Photo courtesy Kumon

  Kumon suggests the following activities to keep the educational opportunities flowing over the holiday season:

  • Baking: From pumpkin pies to sugar cookies, measuring is a great way to practice fractions, while mixing helps children learn about the chemistry of baking.
  • Meteorology: Have your child research and collect data on how many times it has snowed on Christmas in the past 10 years. They can collect data on temperature, precipitation and snowfall.
  • Recipes: Have your child help in the creation of your holiday menu by finding recipes in a cookbook. They can practice their math skills comparing prices of different brands of ingredients at the grocery store.
  • Travel: Make the most of holiday travel by turning car rides into an opportunity to practice letters and numbers. You can look for license plates from different states or count the number of blue, silver or black cars.
  • Reading: Pick out some holiday-themed books and mix-up your nightly reading routine by reading by the fireplace, your Christmas tree or make a nice cozy pillow fort. If you’re traveling, take some audiobooks to keep the kids engaged in the car.
  • Present wrapping: Build math and measuring skills into wrapping presents by asking your children to measure the gifts with a tape measure or ruler to determine how much wrapping paper is needed.
  • Family: Explore your family heritage by creating a family tree. Many families spend the holiday season with extended family so it’s a great opportunity to encourage your children to take an interest into learning more about their heritage by interviewing grandparents and listening to family stories.
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  Keeping your child’s brain active over the holiday season will help to make the transition back-to-school after the New Year a smooth one.

  For information about Kumon or to schedule a free placement test, call 732-206-3400. Class hours are: Monday/Thursday from 3 to 7 p.m. and Tuesday/Friday from 3:30-6:30 p.m.