Police, State Investigating Why Baby Crawling On Road

Photo courtesy Cory Black Cannon

LAKEWOOD – Lakewood Police confirmed the incident making its rounds on social media, that an infant was crossing Joe Parker Road in town just before 6 p.m. Saturday.

Officer Kevin Ortiz was dispatched to the area of 201 Joe Parker Rd. after receiving the report of a crawling infant crossing the road.

Ortiz spoke to Cory Cannon, the man driving to work who snapped two photos of the infant, seen crawling over the double yellow lines of the road. Captain Gregory Staffordsmith told Jersey Shore Online that a neighbor approached Cannon and the infant boy, who returned him to his family.

“Further investigation revealed that the infant may have left through a door that was left unsecured by an older sibling. The family of the child was unaware that he had left until the neighbor returned him,” Staffordsmith said.

An investigation is ongoing, with the assistance of the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency.