Water System Approvals Granted In Berkeley

Photo by Chris Lundy

BERKELEY – Aqua New Jersey will soon begin an iron filtration system on wells in the township.

According to Dan Lockwood, manager of communications for Aqua, three filtration systems will be installed at three wells in Berkeley. They are designed for the removal of iron.

The construction is expected to begin in mid-May, and will be completed by September of 2019, he said.

The issue stemmed from reports that elevated iron levels were discoloring the water. Residents had complained about it in public meetings. Aqua was in the design and permitting phase of the iron filtration system when residents came out in November.

Resident Jason Kangas speaks about the water quality in his neighborhood. In the foreground are two filters. The white one is new. The other one looks discolored after three months of use. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

Berkeley fast-tracked the company’s application and permits on the local level, Mayor Carmen Amato said. The application also had to move through the state DEP.

“I’m pleased that Department of Environmental Protection expedited their review and approvals of Aqua’s application for improvements to their water system,” Amato said in a statement.

The new facility will be built at Locker Street and Gladney Avenue, he said.

The township had promised to perform independent water tests, and those will be done soon, he added.

Residents also had concerns about aluminum and radionuclides. Aqua’s tests had showed that these levels were within state limits.