Take A First Look At Central’s Revamped Cafeteria

Photo by Chris Lundy

BERKELEY – One of Central Regional High School’s cafeterias has been revamped, as well as several other rooms in the building, for the new year.

New tables and chairs give a more restaurant-like feel to the cafeteria. There are booths along the walls. The higher tables have outlets for kids to charge their devices. A pizza station will be installed that can cook a whole pie in 45 seconds.

There were supposed to be wraparound decorations on the walls, showing scenes from Central events, kind of like how Applebee’s restaurants decorate, but staff wasn’t happy with the first attempt, Superintendent Triantafillos Parlapanides said. It will likely be done next summer.

Photo by Chris Lundy

The revamp was paid for through the cafeteria account, he said. While some districts lose money on the cafeteria, Central has turned a small profit, partly from hosting events. The law states that the money has to be reinvested into the cafeteria. Lunches continue to be $3, with a little extra for a premium lunch.

“It’s a great place for them to unwind,” he said.

The old furniture was donated to Holiday City South.

Another physical change includes a large screen in the auditorium for presentations or movie nights, he said.

The presentation room also got new furniture. It used to be rows of long tables and chairs. The new two-person tables and chairs are all on wheels to allow students and staff to re-arrange everything more easily, to facilitate group projects and discussion. The old furniture was donated to the township police department, he said.

Photo by Chris Lundy