Signs Support Police, First Responders

These signs have been going up around the borough showing support for Beachwood’s blue. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

  BEACHWOOD – If you’ve seen signs sprouting up on lawns around town supporting the police, you might be interested to know that the support is financial as well.

  Ray DiBernardo came up with the idea because the world needs a little positivity right now.

  “I’ve been with the Beachwood Alliance for 14 years,” he said. “The fire department, police and first aid are at all the functions. They’re just such great people.”

  Of course, you don’t always hear the stories about how great they are. Usually, you hear stories in the vein of a horrible story about police brutality. Or violent protests against the police.

  While some might be yelling “defund the police,” DiBernardo is funding the police.

  An oversized check in the amount of $3,200 was presented to Chief Glen DeMarco recently from the sale of signs. DiBernardo was also able to show a large picture made up of a collection of comments and messages of thanks for the police department.

Ray DiBernardo, left, presents a check for $3,200 to Chief Glen DeMarco, right. Mayor Ronald Roma and Councilman Steven Komsa are behind them. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

  The initial order when he first started doing this in October was for 20 signs, but now they’re way over 300. He said he’s been pleasantly surprised by all the positive feedback.

  “Every single person I talked to has been great,” he said.

  All the money from the signs he’s selling is going to the police. They sell for $10, and $10 goes to the Police Benevolent Association.

  “I want to thank Beachwood’s very own Adam DeFalco from DeFresh DeSigns for his artwork, time, and for putting business aside to also show support for our brave men and women. I couldn’t have done this without him,” he said.

  And now there are signs all over the small borough. Lots of people are interested in it, and some help deliver the signs for him.

  “With all the negativity going on around this country against our law enforcement officers, I think we were able to show ours that they are needed, and we truly support and stand behind them,” he said.

A photo of Beachwood police was enlarged and graced with words of support from the community. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

  This program is expanding, too. On January 1, he posted about firefighter support signs to raise funds for the volunteer fire department. Once they start showing up on people’s yards, that’s when people start calling for orders.

  If you’re interested in a police or fire department sign, you can reach out to him on Facebook. You can also call or text him at 908-370-5342