Road Work Pending In Berkeley

Repaving, curb, and sidewalk work will be done on Fort De France Avenue. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

BERKELEY – The Township Council awarded contracts for work on two major roads at a recent meeting.

One is for Fort De France Avenue, which runs through the senior communities. The road will be milled and repaved, and handicapped ramps will be installed at intersections. Work will also be done on the sidewalks.

The road is a long road that curves through the residential area, sometimes with nothing but trees on one side. It shares intersections with major roads like Mule Road and Jamaica Boulevard.

Photo by Chris Lundy

The project was awarded to Earle Asphalt in the amount of $293,213. Officials said that the township is receiving $340,000 in funding from State Department of Transportation


Another project, the resurfacing of Sylvan Lake Boulevard (Phase 2) was awarded to Johnson Baran Corp. for $356,996. This project will come out of the 2018 capital budget, engineer Alan Dittenhofer said.

Also at the meeting, resident Fred Bekiarian asked what happened to the Route 9 paving project that the state promised.

Mayor Carmen Amato said that the project was delayed due to the shutdown over the Transportation Trust Fund. Realistically, it could be spring of 2019.