Residents Warned Against ‘Mailbox Fishing’

The homemade
The homemade "mailbox fishing" device found in the Pine Beach Post Office blue collection box. (Photo courtesy Pine Beach Police)

PINE BEACH – Residents should use caution when dropping their mail in curbside collection boxes.

Pine Beach Police were called to investigate a suspected “mailbox fishing” attempt at the collection box outside the borough’s post office.

Local police are working with postal inspectors and the Ocean County Sheriff 911 Crime Scene Investigation Unit to find the suspects.

Thieves use a sticky substance to fish mail out of the box. They look for cash and checks they can alter.

Pine Beach and Toms River Police reported another such scam back in February.

“In light of recent events, we encourage residents to consider using verified online bill payment services or money transfer options offered through banks as well as monitor you bank accounts for any suspicious activity if you have mailed any checks or plan to in the future. We also recommend walking into the Post Office and delivering your sensitive mail directly to a Clerk,” Pine Beach Police said in an April 8 Facebook post.

Anyone who uses the Postal Service should drop off their outgoing mail to their local post office or give the mail to a letter carrier. Mail should be dropped in the blue collection boxes before the last pick-up of the day. Don’t let mail sit overnight in any mailbox.

Suspicious activity around the post office should be reported to the Pine Beach Police at 732-341-2616.