Resident: Bananier Dr. Unsafe For Pedestrians

Berkeley Town Hall (Photo by Micromedia Publications)

BERKELEY – A deaf resident told the governing body that it is unsafe for him to walk on the sidewalk and cross roads because of the speeders in his neighborhood.

Dominic Figaro said at the most recent Township Council meeting that he wears a yellow, reflective vest while walking around Bananier Drive. The drivers are speeding so much that it is unsafe.

“I can’t hear them coming,” he said through an interpreter.

Council President Sophia Gingrich said the same problem exists on Jamaica Boulevard, Mule Road, and Bimini Drive. They have tried signs. They have tried additional police enforcement.

“We’d have to have a cop on every corner to stop it,” she said. “It’s impossible.”

The residents say it’s not them doing the speeders, but it is, she added.