Ocean Gate Sign Keeps Getting Vandalized

Photo by Lynn Ross

OCEAN GATE – The first sign was stolen. The replacement sign was vandalized. And now, again, the privately-funded sign that welcomes visitors and residents to Ocean Gate has been vandalized a second time.

“Really Ocean Gate…… who keeps busting up the sign??? Whoever put the fish there fine that’s cute but come on…. more of it broken and gone. This is why we can’t have nice things. All the hard work and effort for the first one to be stolen. And now the replacement one all busted up. Real nice,” Ocean Gate resident Lynn Ross wrote on a community Facebook page, with accompanying photos. “This is the worst someone has to know something please if you know anything you can contact me via Facebook message or please contact the police. This has to stop.”

The first “Welcome to Ocean Gate” sign, provided by the Ocean Gate Civic Club, was stolen, and its replacement recently erected. The sign is at the end of the duck pond driving from Bayville into Ocean Gate.

Photo courtesy Mark Haug

Back in mid-June, residents and passers-by saw that this new sign was apparently struck by a large rock that left a hole in the sign. A blue fish head is covering the hole.

And this time, the sign, apparently vandalized Sunday night or Monday morning, had its top-right corner completely torn away.

Some residents are calling for security cameras to be installed in that area of the borough.

“Now a third one will need to be purchased. I’m not sure the Civic Club has the money to purchase a third one for that spot,” Ross said in response to a commenter.

Anyone with information is asked to call Ocean Gate Police at 732-269-2468.

This is what the sign is supposed to look like. (Photo by Lynn Ross)