New Strip Mall Opening This Winter

The new strip mall has five units and will be open in about three months. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

  BEACHWOOD – It was a bit of a mystery at first.

  All of a sudden, the buildings were knocked down on the southbound side of Route 9 between Tiller Avenue and Beach Avenue. There used to be an eBay store, a vape store, and a dentist’s office. All of that is gone now.

  For months, people wondered what was going in that place. The Cullinan construction fence went up and the frame soon after, but it still wasn’t clear what form it was going to take.

  Finally, once the windows and doors were installed, it took on a familiar shape. It looked like a strip mall, and that’s exactly what it’s going to be.

  The new building will have five units, but it has not yet been made public what the tenants will be.

  The timeline for completion will be about three months, taking us to the beginning of the new year, an official said.

  “It’s going to be an incredible development for the town of Beachwood,” he said. “It will bring up the property value. It will really elevate the area.”

Photo by Chris Lundy

  It’s going to be across the street from another strip mall that houses Beachwood Music and other shops.

  Usually, there’s not that much construction going on in this area. Not much has changed recently except when the convenience store replaced the carpet store. The Beachwood Mall (which is actually across the border in Berkeley), for example, has been dormant for years.

  But if you keep heading north, you’ll see another building under construction on the left hand side. This is after the boundaries switch over to the borough of South Toms River near the intersection where Rite Aid is.

  Walls are being finished on that building, which will eventually be the new home to The Dance Centre, which is moving from its current home near Sundae’s Ice Cream shop. In an interview in August, owner Sheri Daknis said the building would open between November and the new year.