Little Leagues Honored

Members and coaches of the Berkeley Little League were honored at a recent Township Council meeting by the Berkeley governing body. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

BERKELEY – Four Little League teams won top spots in their divisions and were honored by the governing body during a recent Township Council meeting.

“This is really a sports town,” said John Bentivigna, president of the Berkeley Little League. “Investing in youth sports leads to high school teams with real competition.”

He thanked the parents and coaching staff for their dedication, the kids for their hard work, and the governing body for their support.

He also spoke about improvements to the fields where they play. He said they were “going green” in two ways: painting buildings in the complex, and replacing old lighting with LED lights. This also included making repairs to the fences and the facilities.

The league created a Neighborhood Alliance to keep in contact with local residents. Challenger League, for children with disabilities, is also new.

This is in addition to all the improvements that were financed by hometown hero Al Leiter, including new dugouts, a press box, backstop, storm drains, grand stand and picnic areas. These improvements “make Leiter Field look like and play like a Division I baseball stadium,” he said.