Kids Caught After Tearing Up Ballfield With ATVs

Photo courtesy South Toms River Police

  SOUTH TOMS RIVER – It took seven volunteers and seven hours to restore a borough ball field that was recently vandalized by two juveniles.

  Borough Police Chief William Kosh told that two juveniles were found to be responsible for damaging the field by driving around on it with their ATVs.

  “We don’t really have an estimate of the substantial damage done with a quad but it took around seven hours and seven volunteers to repair it,” Chief Kosh said.

  After the vandalism occurred, police took to social media stating they believe the two suspects responsible live locally and are very disturbed by their actions. Chief Kosh could not release further details about the vandals because those charged are underage.

Photo courtesy South Toms River Police

  A Facebook post reads “These two fine individuals DESTROYED your child’s baseball field over this past weekend. They thought it would be fun to use the infield as their own personal mud pit. Now they have to answer for it.”

  The post goes on to say “someone out there knows who these people are. They live locally, that we know. We are certain that the residents of our town find this as disturbing as we do, and also will not stand for it.”

 The individuals were found and charged and the field was restored relatively quickly.