Finances, Bullying Reports Discussed By Central

(Photo by Chris Lundy)

BERKELEY – Financial issues and the district’s Violence and Vandalism Report were discussed by officials at the last Central Regional Board of Education meeting.

The board approved a page of bus rentals by Point Pleasant Beach. Most of the rentals were for $199, but one was as high as $269. In total, the bus rentals brought in more than $4,000, minus the net cost to the district.

The regulations for bus drivers has become more demanding, Superintendent Triantafillos Parlapanides said. It has led to a shortage of bus drivers. So, other districts have been renting buses and drivers from Central.

In other financial news, the $10,200 cost of a courier in a shared services agreement was questioned by Ocean Gate representative Michael Passeri. This is a position that travels between the schools and delivers inter-office mail. It would have been a Berkeley Township School District employee, and Central would pay that district $10,200 to use their services.

A full-time position would have been paid about $25,000, which would include salary and benefits, Parlapanides said. Paying Berkeley $10,200 was a better deal.

Additionally, the courier uses Berkeley’s vehicle, Berkeley board member George Dohn said.

Also during the board meeting, Parlapanides gave a presentation of the district’s Violence and Vandalism Report. It was from September through January, and was made up of incidents from both schools.

There were two incidents of violence, and no incidents of vandalism or substance abuse. There was one weapons incident when a student brought in a fake gun. There were 11 incidents of bullying.

The number of people involved were also recorded. There were 20 student offenders and 10 student victims.

The police were notified in two of the instances, and a complaint was filed for one of them. There were two in-school suspensions dealt out, and 12 out-of-school suspensions. There were no expulsions.

For follow-up after the events, there were 16 assignments of educational programs or supportive services and 11 assignments of home instruction.