Dredging Projects Underway In Berkeley

Berkeley is looking to dredge waterway areas, such as Maple Creek. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

BERKELEY – Dredging projects helping residents in lagoon communities are in the process of completion, officials said.

There were three projects that the township bid out to be dredged: Maple Creek, on the southern end of town; the lagoon on the northern side of Butler Boulevard; and near Sand Bar Lane by the Cedar Creek.

The view of Barnegat Bay access from Butler Beach. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

Councilman James Byrnes updated the public at the most recent Township Council meeting about the projects. He said on Nov. 20 that the one near Butler was completed. They were currently doing Maple Creek, and Sand Bar Lane was next.

Midlantic Construction, LLC, is doing the dredging work for a bid award of $361,586.

The projects were prioritized after residents evaluated what areas need to be dredged. Berkeley tried to have the state perform the work, but it was turned down. However, officials said that they will work on getting the project reimbursed by the state after it is complete.