Central Board Member Stepping Down

BERKELEY – Central Regional Board of Education member Jennifer Gindel is stepping down after this school year.

Gindel had been on the board for about 4 and a half years. She originally ran with the last name Leicht.

She said she is leaving the board due to a work commitment taking her out of Berkeley.

When asked what parts of her tenure she could look back on proudly, she spoke about the track and field renovation. They were in bad shape, and her and the board were able to approve reworking the facilities so that they looked good and were more playable.

“I loved working with the people on the board,” she said. “I’ll miss the board and administration. They’re all great people. They work well together.”

She said that she ran for the spot not as a politician, but as someone who wanted to help the children. She did not seek further political positions after being on the board. Her son graduated this year from Central.

Gindel will be resigning after the July Board of Education meeting, board secretary Kevin O’Shea said. The replacement member will serve throughout 2017 and 2018. They would then have to run for election in 2018 to earn the last year left on her seat.

The requirements for the job are that the candidate must be a Berkeley resident for at least a year, and registered to vote in Berkeley. They also cannot hold office as a mayor or council member. They also can’t be actively involved in any litigation with the district.