Busy Intersection Gets Four-Way Stop

The intersection of Beachwood Boulevard and Birch Street now has a four-way stop. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

  BEACHWOOD – A busy residential intersection now has a four-way stop, and police put out the word to let drivers know what to expect.

  Beachwood Boulevard is one of the busiest roads in town, stretching from the beach to Pinewald Road. Birch Street is often used by people coming off the Garden State Parkway, and as such, sometimes drivers are going a bit faster than they should. There are homes at all four corners. Birch and Surf Park is nearby.

  The intersection of these two roads used to have stops only on Birch. Beachwood Boulevard drivers would just go through with a permanently blinking caution light. Now, there will be stops in all four directions. The change went into effect on June 2.

Photo by Chris Lundy

  Police were urging drivers to use additional caution with this change.

  “Our agency will be aggressively monitoring this location for violations and educating the public on the new traffic pattern and the four-way stop rules,” police said. “This education campaign will be brief as we will then transition to a traffic enforcement campaign.”

  They also publicized the rules for this kind of intersection:

  • Always stop, no matter which direction you are going.
  • Always yield to the driver on the right if arriving simultaneously.
  • Always yield to any driver already at or in an intersection.

  Failure to stop could result in a fine of $200 and 15 days in jail. You could also get 2 points added to your driving record.