Beachwood Taxes Increasing

Beachwood Municipal Building (Photo by Chris Lundy)

BEACHWOOD – The borough’s taxes are increasing, and officials said it is due to costs that are beyond their control.

The total budget will be $10,812,271.64, an increase of $133,340.53 from last year’s budget of $10,678,931.11.

The amount to be raised by taxes will be $7,259,753.94, an increase of $211,679.31 from last year’s $7,048,074.63

The tax rate will be 89.8 cents per $100 of assessed valuation, up from last year’s 87.3 cents. On a home based on the average value of $203,300, the municipal taxes would be $1,837.83. This is an increase of $64.77 a year.

This is only the municipal taxes. This does not include school, county, or other taxes, even though you pay all your taxes to the borough.

Borough chief financial officer John Mauder said this increase is 2.86 percent this year. The five-year average for the borough is 1.36 percent per year.

Mayor Ron Roma said there were several increases that impacted this budget that were beyond their control. For example, there were increases to police and fire pension costs.

Fuel costs are an uncertainty, he said. If costs increase dramatically, it can have a big impact on a town’s budget.

The borough also added a new police officer.